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Do You Think Tree Roots May Be Invading Your Sewer Line?

Do You Think Tree Roots May Be Invading Your Sewer Line?

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Do You Think Tree Roots May Be Invading Your Sewer Line?

If you’re a homeowner, you very likely know the joys that come with owning your own property—and the trials as well. One of the most frustrating and potentially costly homeowner problems is tree roots invading the sewer lines, growing unchecked until they do serious damage to your pipes and even your home. It is essential to catch this problem in its early stages, before the damage is too extensive and you need to replace your pipes. Therefore, even if you only suspect that tree roots may be invading your sewer line, it is already time for action.

1)   Remember, prevention is key. Before any more damage can be done, avoid adding to the problem by planting any trees or shrubs where they can cause additional harm. Many trees and shrubs will extend their roots down as far as possible to find water—such as the water flowing through your sewer pipes. They can exploit the tiniest cracks in all kinds of pipes, be they clay, PVC, or concrete sewer pipes—no one kind is immune to this issue. For the passionate gardener who absolutely must put in plants or trees, try slow-growing types: Amur maple, dogwood, redbud, Japanese maple, or fringe tree are all fine choices.


2)   Commercial root killers are an option. If root invasion is apparent but not disastrous, you can buy a commercial root killer to try to fix the problem yourself. Most brands of commercial root killer are meant to be poured down a drain, such as a sink or toilet. When the chemical solution flows through the pipes, it kills any tree roots it comes into contact with. There are risks, however, that this harsh chemical solution could do additional damage to your pipes. Lastly, always practice safety when handling commercial root killer—you must take steps to protect your eyes and skin, so wear gloves, long sleeves, and safety goggles.


3)   When in doubt, call the experts. Your best bet is to contact a reputable plumbing company to take care of the problem for you. In truth, tree root invasion is often beyond the skills of the layman and should be left to the pros in the first place. When you leave your pipes in the care of experienced pros, you can know that the job will be done, and it will be done well.


Do you suspect tree roots could be damaging your sewer pipes? Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and leave the problem to us.

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