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Top 3 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Top 3 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

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Top 3 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Unfortunately, many homeowners have had to deal with low water pressure for some time which can be quite irritating. The good news is that it is a potentially easy fix. Low water pressure can make everyday activities such as washing dishes and taking a shower incredibly inefficient.  Below are some common causes of low water pressure and some ways to remedy it.


If there is a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system, it could cause the pressure to be lax throughout the whole home. There is a way to find out if you do in fact have a leak. First, you need to shut off all water taps inside and outside your home. Go check the meter and write down the numbers. Wait a few hours and check the meter again to see if it has increased at all. If it has, you will need to contact your local plumber to locate the leak and fix it.

Corroded Pipes

If your water pipes are corroded, they are not going to allow the proper amount of water to flow through them which will result in low water pressures. Corrosion can be caused by a number of things such as dirt and mineral deposits left behind by your water. In some cases, the pipes may need to be replaced. This is a job for an experienced plumber as replacing water pipes is something that can go terribly wrong.

Check the Valves

Your plumbing system is equipped with many valves. If any of the valves are damaged, they may cause low water pressure. This is another job that will need to be fixed by a licensed plumber. Before you call the plumber, check the indoor main water shut off valve to make sure that it is on the full open position. If not, turn it up and see if the pressure increases.

While it may be easy enough to diagnose some of these problems on your own, the truth is that most plumbing issues are best left to the professionals. If plumbing issues are ignored, they can eventually turn into much bigger problems. Contact the punctual plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Springfield today for all your plumbing service needs including diagnosing and fixing low water pressures in your home.

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